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How to get a great loan with really poor credit 

Poor credit score gauge

Be shocked by your high loan amount from A1 Loans USA...

...All while building up a BBH

(Business Borrowing History) 

Caution: Only follow this if you need to know how to get a great loan with really poor credit  

Let's say you have had some credit challenges,

and you just can't get any loans from banks,

nor Personal Lenders, and you can't get credit cards without putting the money in up front,

as a secured card (which is just silly, expensive, (fees per transaction...ouch!) and overall frustrating for most folks). Your credit score is in the sub - sub - sub prime arena, from 300-549.

 You've heard that most credit repair companies are basically scams, (which they are) and even if you found a reputable one, the process would just take too long.

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are so overwhelmed, they're slower than L.A. traffic to Las Vegas on New Year's Eve.

 Here's what you do, step by step, mentally and physically, if you want to know how to get a great loan with really poor credit:

 1) If you own a business already, you're half the way there. If you put everything you make into a Business Checking Account, you're 90% done. Simply "clean" the account by:

-Finishing out the month with as many individual deposits as you can. ANY cash you have, gather it up, deposit it. Roll up loose change, break your piggy bank, check under the couch, car seats, etc.,

whatever you can pull together, deposit it.

Deposit every day for the remaining days in the month. Even take odd jobs, or sell things to get

cash to deposit every day. If you have other accounts, do not transfer out, instead, withdraw from them physical cash, and manually deposit

the cash. Try to do this every day.

Again--Very Important-- DO NOT transfer funds.

It is a waste of time, and actually hurts you,

for this exercise. Make sure your ending balance is as high as it can possibly get.

If this is your first Business Checking statement ever, obtain your last 4 Personal Account

statements, and this new BCA one, when it comes out. Then, click here to apply at A1...

and let us go to work on your funding.

If it's not your first statement, download this

completed month's plus your last 3, and apply.

2) If you're not a business owner, think of a business you would like to own if you were

going to own one. I know it may be a "no way" moment for you, but work with me here,

and pretend. Let's say you're a cook, named John Joseph, and you have a hobby working on cars.

Your "pretend" business would be an Auto repair shop. Go and open a Business Checking Account in the name "JJ's Auto Repair" a Sole Proprietorship.

Obtain your last 4 Personal account statements, then physically withdraw all money from your account and deposit it all into the new BCA

(Business Checking Account). Once you've done that, read and follow Step 1, above.

 That is it. We will help build your business borrowing history, and perhaps you can even

start making that auto repair business a reality,

step by step, along the way. We have resources

for you to start a business, and grow it, as well.

We're always glad to help

call 909-930-9159 sign

You can also ask us about starting an A1 online Loan Franchise, (helping clients with their auto repair costs perhaps?) and make more money for those deposits. Before you know it, you'll have built a BBH paid off debt, increased your credit score, and

we'll then show you where to get some high amount Business Credit cards as well...You'll be on your

way to full financial freedom and a prestigious financial status! 


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