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The Easy Application & Funding Process At A1 Financial

Our Motto Of Providing A Great Funding Experience:

We guide you step by step:

Step 1: 

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Apply on our home page in just 60 seconds. 

Click the home icon, top right.

Or ask to verbally apply at 

Step 2: 

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Watch your email for doc requests, pre-download your last 4 Business Checking statements, and take a perfect photo of your

I.D. (DL, State I.D. signed US Passport) and

send all 5 in together from a computer.

Or just email them to:

Step 3: 

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 Watch your email for an Approval from us, call in for offer terms. Please know we can only provide offers over the phone.

If your approval requires additional docs to

be valid, please gather and email them ASAP.

Offers expire quickly due to the financial markets.

Step 4: 

Voided out check sample

 Accept, (or ask for modification of) your offer, and email over a voided out check from the account from which you sent statements, and an ownership doc we'll

request. Your EIN paper (SS-4 is most common.)

Step 5: 

Digital signature

 Sign your FA (Funding Agreement) as soon as the Lender sends it to you. Most formats will be in a quick Docu-Sign type, easy to sign online in seconds.

Step 6: 

Phone icon white on blue

 Accept your friendly Merchant Call from the lender, they need to hear your voice to know you're a real person.

Step 7: 

dollar sign icon white on blue

 Watch for your "FUNDED!" email from us.

Then check your account over the next 24 business hours for your bank to post it. Once you've received your "Funded" email, the money is on the way, the rest is up to your bank.

See How Easy That Was? Congratulations! 

Copyright 2024. All rights reserved. A1 Financial USA, and A1 Loans USA are the engines behind 
this website. We have been in business since 1990, happily serving our clients.

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