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How We Funded a 386 FICO Business Owner $22,000

Greetings Faithful A1 Loans Blog Readers,

If you've ever been turned down for business funding, you have to read this...

A business owner, we'll call her "Jill" to protect her identity, came to us saying she applied everywhere but just couldn't get funded due to her 386 FICO score. She needed money for

materials for her Design business. We saw her work, she was quite talented!

Jill had decent deposits, and consistent

numbers, but her personal credit cards were maxed out, and she was late on many payments...Three were headed to Collections.

Jill was quite distraught over the situation

she found herself in. Her business was doing well, and she had orders to fill, but needed the

money for supplies fast, or she would lose her contracts.

Every other lender she spoke with just didn't want to take a chance on her....but she saw our ad and thought she'd try A1 Financial USA.

It took some doing, and 2 days of searching, but we found her a private lender in our Rolodex (digital, of course) that offered her $22,000, which she was so grateful to receive.

We were honored to help her get the materials she needed to stay afloat.

Do you have similar credit issues?

-Poor Credit? -A Bankruptcy?

-Past Defaults?

-A Criminal Record?

-Tax Liens?

-Over Leveraged (too much debt)?

-Unpaid child support?

-Been "Black Listed"?

Give A1 Financial USA a try. We've seen it all,

so be honest with us about your problems,

we approve 99.2% of merchants, credit challenged or not.

If you're in that .08%, and we can't help you today, we'll advise you for free on adjusting just a few things so you get funded in the very near future.

Apply today, get funded in 24 business hours:

Read all our happy reviews at (search A1 Financial USA)

Best Regards,

Mark Ayers

A1 Financial USA



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