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How do I get a 

"Business Loan?"

Counting Cash

 Perhaps you've heard the term "Business Loans" and really

didn't understand the benefits of them over Personal Funding,

credit cards, and the like. It's entirely different, in amounts,

terms, coast, ease of use, approval rates for the borrower,

and benefits to  your business.

One major difference is you must have a business checking account, per lending laws, to obtain business funding.

Usually 3 months is minimum, most lenders want to see a full year or two, A1 Loans USA is the only funder in America

that can accept 1 business statement with 2 personal account


Let's explore the differences and benefits you'll see that

Business Funding has over Personal:


- Credit scores matter quite a bit in Personal, it's easy to get

declined even if you have over a 700 credit score.

Personal lenders care about things like debt, inquiries, tradelines,

recent activity, etc. Business lenders care much less about these,

especially inquiries.

They're irrelevant in Business Funding.

-Rates: You know what credit card rates are, usually 22%.

Business Funding can be as low as 4.99% or as high as 194%.

It's all dependent upon your business history.

-Terms: Credit cards seem to "entrap" you, into paying what seems like forever for what you've bought.

What initially seems like a low 22% becomes 44, 66, 88% or more as the years go by.

Your credit and business history may dictate you need to pay as much as 49%...but it will be over in a few months, never go up,

likely go down next time for a perfect pay history,

and it will build your BUSINESS credit file. 

Ease of use: To get cash out of a credit card you have to pay

higher rates, sometimes a 4-5% fee, and it's always a fraction of your total credit limit. With Business Funding, it's all funds you

can directly use however you like, wired directly into your account. 

-Amounts: Business Funding amounts will always be heads and tails above Personal, as lenders lend based upon your business'

health, not your personal credit score. 

-Approval rates: So much easier in Business Funding.

We can't speak for others, but at A1, here's a list of items that will get you declined for Personal Funding that will not bother us:

-High Inquiries are OK

-High recent applications are OK

-Charge Offs are OK

-Low Volume ($4,000/Month in deposits is OK 1 month,
Just $1,000 in some states)
-Up to 10 year Business Term Loans
-Slow month or two is fine, Seasonal Lending is our SPECIALTY
-Need a LARGE Amount? High Volume Funding to $500,000,000
-Just 2 1/2 months in business is OK with 3 statements
sometimes 1 month, submit with last 3 personal statements
-ALL "Hard-to-Fund" and High Risk industries funded including
Trucking-Cannabis-Auto Sales-Law Firms
-9 NSFs to $60,000 OK
-27 NSFs in 90 days OK
-Up to 70 NSFs OK with 700+ credit score, high deposit volume,
for low risk industries
-9 Neg days/month OK
-Only 3 deposit transactions OK if $15k+,only 1 in some states
-Under 400 FICOs OK- We funded a "383" previously
-Over leveraged...We fund to 20 positions in some cases
-Weekly and Monthly Payments are avail to
qualified applicants
-Up To 10 year terms available for qualified applicants
-Non-financial criminal backgrounds are funded in most cases.
-U.S., PR, Guam and Canada are OK
-We correct "lender apparent" frauds & "Incompatibles" that aren't--- and get them funded.
-MCA Debt Consolidations To 20 Positions are available for all

----Pay just 50% of  your current payments
-We fund up to 4x monthly deposit averages in certain cases
for Expansion projects
-Credit card sales loans are available
-All BKs are OK 1 day after discharge
-IRS and State Tax Liens? Funded! at A1 Financial 
-Even "Black Listed" and “Past Defaulters” are possibly funded
with extra documentation
-Higher than normal dollar allowance with strong A/R report

-Lines of Credit up to $500,000 are available,

with rates starting at 4.9%
-3 to 5 yr SBA Loans in 7-10 days starting at 8.3%
-Start Up Funding Programs are available

(5% upfront fee for doc prep to access our lenders applies.)
-Personal Loans available (5% upfront fee for doc prep to access our lenders applies.)

Begin to build (or rebuild) your

Business's Credit & Borrowing History:

Apply today get funded in 24 business hours...Click>>

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