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So Cal Chess Teacher Available

Chess Coach Mark crushing opponent
Coach Mark's chess class

You'll see real improvement in your game,
all while marveling at the games shown.

With 53 years of chess experience, we feel USCF Expert Mark Ayers is the quintessential Chess Coach,

and/or Corporate Event Entertainer. 

Formerly featured in the L.A. Times,(>>)

Coach Mark has trained thousands

of children, adults, and senior citizens,

many whom have become Experts and

even a few Masters. 

 Armed with thousands of astonishing games to show as memorable teaching tools, you or your child will learn the secrets to chess, with high level openings, advanced

middlegame strategy, and machine like endgame precision knowledge, which all 3 are needed in today's competitive chess arena.

 A full class of students is most desired, to spread chess

to many, simultaneously, but also to be considered are

individual lessons for families, or a gifted potential prodigy. 

You or your child will see real improvement, all while learning sportsmanship, problem solving, critical thinking, and proper decision making, all valuable life tools. 

 Corporate Sales Events are also highly desired, as Coach Mark has performed "Simuls" : Simultaneous game displays where

he plays 30 to 40 people at the same time, to "bring customers in", boost a Grand Opening, boost a Sales Event, etc.

Any advertisement event will benefit from a Coach Mark simul.

(Coach Mark wins 92% of games played in these simuls,

7% drawn.)

Churches have featured Coach Mark to lure youth back

to the "correct life path" as they say.

Contact through email is most preferable, please include

contact email and phone number in response, send to: for a prompt response.

 Phone number given here is Coach Mark's business office, you may also leave a detailed message for a prompt response:

Chess Coach Mark At Tustin Memorial
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