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Receive A Professional Valuation Of Your Business,
For Your Business

Whether Quick, Extensive, or Medium.

A1's Business Valuations are accurate & thorough.

Read why we offer the most cost effective

Business Valuations:

  • A1 has invented proprietary software to deliver fast, cost effective, accurate, and detailed business valuation reports, while being easy to understand.

  • We have 33 years experience of business valuation for funding, mergers, stock IPOs & acquisition.

  • Our valuations are done by a qualified expert and meet...:

  • IRS Guidelines (as we process SBA loans.)

  • Free consultation before to ask questions and understand the goals of the valuation.

  • Quality business valuations do not need to cost $1,000s.

  • Our Nationwide lowest prices are proof.

The Purpose Of Valuations:

-Funding Purposes

 (we cover that as well, too, of course!).

-Equity sales (ask about our programs)

-Sale of the Business

-Buy/Sell Agreements


-Issuing Stock (409a)

-Shareholder & Legal Disputes

-Estate Planning

-Family Gift Strategy

-Economic Loss needs (such as C19)


-Net Worth Evaluation

-Piece of Mind, and more...


The A1 Standard Valuation


For clients that need a simplified process and a professional business appraisal. This 7-page valuation contains 

financial exhibits and tables to support the valuation including:

  • The Asset, Income & Market Approach to value for an accurate appraisal assessment.

  • Re-casted Income Statements to calculate the company’s true operating income stream.

  • The precise Cost of Capital calculation 

  • Allow 2 business days for the valuation. Get a dependable and accurate valuation that is easy to read and to the point. 

Most Popular

Premiere Valuation


For clients who want added financial analysis to better understand value and cash flow optimization. This 9 page report includes everything in the Standard Valuation plus;

  • A Forecast of Financial Statements.

  • Industry Benchmarks.

  • Liquidity, working capital and cash analysis to measure company risk level.

  • Review of capital investment, cost analysis and cash management to determine the company’s optimal performance.

  • Allow 4 business days. Get an alternative look at the business to achieve your objectives.

For special needs:

Elite Valuation


For clients that want a premium valuation and a professional review to see that the key corporate documents are in alignment and up to date. This 16-page report includes;

  • Everything in the Standard & Premiere.

  • Employee productivity & break-even analysis.

  • A review of your Operating Agreement and Buy-Sell Agreements to detect any potential problems that can be avoided. Making needed changes now can avoid future issues.

  • Allow 7 business days. Get a dependable valuation with critical analysis to improve the business.

  • Ensures you are set for success.

StartUp Valuations

A1 also provides Business Valuations for pre-revenue

StartUp companies. 

This will include a formal Business Plan, created from our

talk, and funding offers to complete the growth of the


Every Valuation above comes with free Consultation

on how to interpret any aspect of the Valuation,

upon request.

Simple 1 Day Valuation


Finished in 3-24 hours, great for "emergencies",

this 1 page report gives you a quick yet accurate picture

of your business' financial status.

Call us today to discuss your Valuation goals & needs at (909)-930-9159.

If ready to order, please request an Invoice with package chosen via email to

Privatized samples are available upon request.

Mark Ayers

A1 Financial USA

A1 Loans USA

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