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Should You Borrow Money,
Or Earn More Money?

Counting Cash

A1 Can Help You With Either Choice...

We have some amazing financial information for you,

and even how to obtain up to $625K in just 2 weeks:


1) If you prefer to borrow money:


 A1 Financial USA dot com is the ultimate funding place, as we fund 98.7% of all applicants. We're clearly the nation's percentage a wide margin (28.7%).

We fund the otherwise "unfundable", so if you've been turned down elsewhere, we have the best options for you.

If you have just a few issues, we can fund your business,

up to $500 million.

 No business?

We can fund most folks with a Personal Loan.

Apply today click here for Business...

click here for Personal.


Once in a while, folks come to us with

 these 7 BIG PROBLEMS:


-No or little income

-No business, or little to no revenue from it

-Credit score under 550, or none at all

-No education


-Uninformed about how the financial world secretly works,

--thus confused, struggling, and discouraged.

-No car, nor means of affordable transportation


The fact is, no one over 18 in the U.S. or Canada

 with a computer and a phone that speaks and writes English should be struggling, or even making less than $3,000/week. 

EVEN IF they have ALL of the 7 BIG PROBLEMS.

That brings us to #2:


2) If you prefer to make money:


I'll say this again-- from above, perhaps let it "sink in":


 NO ONE over 18 in the U.S. or Canada with a computer and a phone that speaks and writes English, should be struggling, nor making less than $3,000/week. 


EVEN IF they have ALL of the 7 BIG PROBLEMS.


Interested in learning more?

Let's begin by asking you a few qualifying questions:


-Do you need money?

-Would you like to have a lifetime online career?

-Do you enjoy the financial world?

-Do you own a working laptop and phone?

-Do you speak, read and write English?


If you answered "yes" to these 5, we have the long sought career answer for you:


-- Become an A1 Financial USA Loan Officer franchisee.

 You gain the ability to offer our loans-- from $5K up to $500 million--in the entire U.S. and Canada. and 100% from home. 

 You earn commission from 1% to 14%, all depending on the borrower’s financials.

(The actual average is 9%....You can do the math on your pay for on a $500 million loan,)

The worse  the borrower's financials are, the higher your pay - (Nowadays, all we see is “worse”.) 

--You can never be fired nor laid off

--YOU set your own schedule 100%. 

--Never work a weekend, birthday nor holiday ever again

--Take time off whenever you like

--Need a nap midday? Take it.

--Need to run out -- like taking the kids to school? No problem at all.


 All our Franchisee Loan Officers have these wonderful freedoms, and our top 5 L.O. franchisees make $300K+ yr. Average folks earn about $150K/yr. All part time, 100% from home, no commuting EVER. You don't need a car. You don't need to walk anywhere.

No Covid risks EVER.  Now--It's NOT a get rich scheme- Computer work is involved for sure, 

but it’s basically much easier than any other job out there, and the best part is, you’re working for yourself, without a grouchy boss looking over your shoulder, but with a nice boss, and a helpful Support Team there for you 24/7. 

The best part is, you'll be working for BIG DOLLARS--

all the time. One A1 Franchiser made $171K in one day. You're suddenly not working for just a few dollars per deal, like affiliate marketers, Ebay sellers, Uber/Lyft drivers, etc.

Any one day you can technically make up to $70 million.

(14% of $500 million.) So... $600 a day 5 days a week (=$3,00/wk)?'s simple child's play.

Anyone with a little effort and patience can do it, and get real good at it quickly. 

Then-- it becomes a get rich quick REALITY.


About our company:

A1 Financial USA has been in business in the US for 34 years, and has helped thousands of businesses and individuals with loans. We have many repeat customers.

A1 pays RESIDUALS  to all its franchisees, --meaning you'll get paid mysteriously and not even know why, until you check your email.

There's nothing as good as waking up to a $10K payday before you even had your coffee!


A1 has a 99% positive Business Review profile all over the internet, TrustPilot is the harsh, Reviewer Verified Financial Reviewer, and we proudly have 4.9/5 stars there, and a "Highly Recommended" preferred status on Alignable.  


More info is at

Business Filming Video camera

We also have two videos on YouTube, use the same search parameters there, or click here for the 8 min one.

Franchisee reviews are posted here on our website too, if you'd like the full view from the "inside",

"GlassDoor" style.

 You get the training equivalent to 9 months of Loan Officer schools, for a fraction of the cost,

and immediate ability to earn without ever having to search for a job. 

This quite possibly may be the "Embodiment of the American Dream", as one of our Franchisees put it.


 How To Get Up To $625K In 2 Just Weeks

with Special "A1" access to our private Billionaire Lenders:


 If you are a U.S. citizen, once you begin your A1 Loan Officer training, we'll work to get you every penny possible, as much as $625K, in a low rate Personal Loan, or other combined loans.

Our Lenders know: If you're happy and financially secure, you will be able to bring us and them

plenty of business -- for a lifetime. Full details are in our YT videos, mentioned above.


On our website you'll see the A1 Loan Officer Franchise Training is $7,500.

 This is by far the smallest price for any type of Franchise in the U.S.


We need people to handle the massively rising influx of loan requests this poor economy is creating, badly-- so we're willing to greatly diversify for your benefit:


If you pay the $7,999 commissions are paid within 15 business days on all closed deals. 

To get started, email our admin at

and type "$7,999 Franchise Invoice Please" in the subject line, and watch your email 

for it from our administrator.


But, if you can wait 30 days, the Loan Officer Certification will be just $999...

if you begin training by July 15th.


That's right, you can train just 5 days online for a lifetime of earning $3K/week or

 more easily, all from home, for just $999.

To get started, email our admin at

and type "$999 Franchise Invoice Please" in the subject line, and watch your email for 

it from our administrator.


Can't afford $999?

What if we told you we can get you started

Franchise training for $0?


We have 3 Special A1 Programs to do just that, please call for details: 


Please leave a clear message with our A.I. bot lady,

then stay by your phone for a return call within 10 mins.



3) Don't Work - Make $$$$$ In The Stock Market

Learn everything you need to know, in an online class, taken at your own pace,

and have PRIVATE TUTORING of the secrets to getting rich... Skip years of loss and heartache, accelerate your learning of the right things-- Just $999.

Read more:

Learn Today's Stock Market From A1.

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