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Design Your Architecture Firm's Future With A1's Designer Funding


Designing Beautiful Business Growth With
A1's Architecture Firm Funding

 The architecture sector is going through a period of growth.

Billings in the U.S. grew to $45 billion in 2017, the American Institute of Architects found. Funding for your architecture business can help you take advantage of the growth opportunities available to you. Today, you no longer need to sit back wishing you had more capital. Alternative lenders are making small business loans accessible in a way they haven't in the past. When it comes to architecture firm loans, there are numerous options to secure business funding. However, alternative lenders in particular can get you financing quickly. If you need money for a key project or run into a cash flow problem, we here at A1 can help. We are modernizing

small business lending, separating ourselves from other slower, less generous funding sources.

    Where to Find Lenders for Architects

 Architecture firm loans are available from a wide range of sources for building designers. Some of the most common destinations for such financing are:

    Traditional Banks

 Banks are ideal if you need a large loan. You can trust a bank to

do its due diligence to ensure you can handle a loan. Banks will also

work closely with you to plan your growth strategies in light of the loan. The problem is that all of this care and attention comes with

a lot of time and effort. Banks will often spend weeks or even longer processing a loan application. The scale of bank loans also means most are conservative about risk. This means that loan rejection

rates - particularly for small business loans - are high.

There are times when a bank is a good option for architecture firm loans, but they may not be a great first choice.

 Small Business Administration (SBA)

The U.S. Small Business Administration runs a wide range of loan programs. You still go to a bank for these loans, so expect slow application approvals. But the support from the SBA program ensures a higher approval rate and more favorable terms. Loans backed by the SBA are a good fit if you need the kind of large, structured loan that you'd get from a bank, but can't secure

a bank loan, or need it quicker....Quicker?  Yes.

A1 Financial has a long term standing with the SBA, knows ALL its quirks, and can get you funded by them in just 15 days...

unlike a bank, which can take 2 months.

  Alternative Business Lenders like A1 Financial USA

 As we mentioned, alternative lenders are a great fit for small business architects. Alternative lenders use highly automated processes that mix digital decision-making and human expertise.

This means you can get funding quickly to meet a key need. Much of the process is online, in which decisions happen within

hours. If the loan is approved, lenders typically deliver funding in a matter of days. All of this adds up to an efficient process for small, short-term loans.


 Why Choose A1 for Architecture Business Funding?

 -Simple application process

 -Business loans of up to $15 million

 -Receive funds within 24 hours

 -No hidden fees

 -Early payoff discounts

 -Flexible loan term options

  Types of Architecture Firm Loans

                    Working Capital Loans

 Many times, a design project’s success depends on you getting what you need now. With working capital loans, you can typically acquire cash for your business fast. They also provide the flexibility to be used for a wide range of purposes. As such, you can use these architecture firm loans to:

  • Bring in a specialist contractor to fulfill your vision for a project.

  • Purchase software for advanced blue print modeling and rendering.

  • Buy difficult to source materials to meet a specific timeline.

  • Fill a cash flow gap in between major a project.

                      Business Operating Loans

 The architecture industry is constantly changing and innovation is the norm. As such, you need to invest in your business operations

to help give your firm an edge. Architecture firm funding built to support business operations, can help you keep up with the changes needed to stay competitive. For example, you may use

such a loan to:

  • Hire short-term staff to meet a key need.

  • Expand one of your teams to take advantage of a growth opportunity.

  • Upgrade your computers or drafting software.

  • Invest in training or continuing education for staff.


 Small Business Loans Designed for Architecture Companies:

  • Operating Expenses

  • Contractor Payments

  • Design Materials

  • Payroll

  • Unexpected Bills

  • & Much More ...

 Building a Path to Funding Success with A1 Financial USA

 When considering a business loan for your architecture firm, look to A1 for fast funding and smart advice. We are different because we work to include elements of consulting into our loan products. Our in-house funding experts will analyze your industry and take the time to understand a building designer’s plan for the loan. From there, we look at your application to make sure the funding you are asking for aligns with your goals.

Other alternative lenders simply check to ensure that you don't present too much risk. We help you find the right architecture business loan for your unique needs. When it comes to loans for architects, A1 can help you stand out. Click here to apply now, get funded tomorrow.

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