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Acquire another Business through a unique

A1 Financial Program

Creative Ways To
Acquire A Business
Only Through A1: 

Business Handshake

A1 Financial USA is the USA's Business Acquisition Leader,

way more powerful than any single bank, as we pool all the possibilities from our 909+ lenders, and 33 years of experience to make the dream happen for long as your dreams are

not "pie in the sky impossible."

           Remember these rules of thumb:

- Plan to buy only within your means to pay back.

(i.e. If you can only afford a Ford Focus, don't waste time

test driving a Bentley.)

 The cost of the business should not be over 1 year's worth

of your business' deposits, unless you have a large stash

of "down payment" cash, or there's to be a large amount of

seller financing.


-Be ready to pay a $349 Doc Preparation fee upfront.

Business Acquisitions are complex, and time demanding,

 not a free funding service like regular fast business funding,

as they require many hours to properly prepare the documentation.

Our 33 years of experience making these Acquisition Loans happen is WELL worth the tiny doc prep fee.

Not to be stern, but we see this mistaken mindset quite a bit, so read carefully:

 If you think this type of loan happens without paying upfront

doc fees -- wherever you go, whomever you use-- either change your way of thinking, or give up the whole acquisition idea.


- Make sure the target business is "Cash Flow Positive",

and has little to no debt.

The absence of this makes it extremely difficult unless it is extremely affordable.


-Try to acquire their last 4 to 6 months of Business Checking Statements, and last 3 years of Tax Returns, if at all possible.

Their last month's BCS is mandatory.


-Try to acquire copies of the most recent Balance Sheet & PnL statement first, if at all possible, before seeking Acquisition funding.


-Try to acquire their SS-4


-Have your current business' docs handy in pdf format, then:

1) Please request a Zelle invoice "Code BizAcq", and pay the

$349 fee when you receive the invoice.

2) Please apply at


3) Please email to your last 6 statements from the largest deposited Business Account (downloaded pdfs).


4) Please email your last 6 statements from any other

Business Account you own (downloaded pdfs).


5) Please email your DL photo (front only: in focus, not cut off).


6) Please email your Business's last 3 years of

Tax Returns in pdfs.


7) Please email your Business's EIN (SS-4) page in pdf.


8) Please email your Business's Articles of Incorporation

showing the ownership % pdf.

We'll confirm receipt of each of the above, and contact you promptly.

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