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What Is Needed To Be Eligible For
The Easiest-To-Get SBA Loan

See If You Pre-Qualify In 5 Minutes:

Sign Saying Get An SBA Loan In 15 Days At A1 Loans USA

SBA Loans are the epitome of a perfect business loan, far better than any bank, far better than any private lender.

"Why are over 95% of businesses declined for SBAs You ask?"

Here's why. If your stats are on this list, below, don't waste

time trying, it will only hurt your future chances if you apply and get declined. Let us fund you, and help build your BBH (Business Borrowing History) so one day, you can obtain an SBA loan in just 15 days, our specialty:

-You must have 3 years of "Squeaky clean" Tax Returns, showing a profit for the last 2 years at least.

-You can not have a criminal record

-You most likely need equity in a home or other RE.

-You must have at least a 680 FICO score.

-You can not have any Business Loan Defaults in the last

10 years

-You can not have filed a Bankruptcy filing in the last 10 years

-You must be a U.S. citizen 

-You must have a Business Checking Account for at least 1 year

-You must have an EIN, & SSN

These are just the basics, too. Don't feel bad if you do not meet all these, 90% of businesses can not satisfy these basics.

If you do meet them all, call us now, at (909)-930-9159 for

our 15 day SBA Funding service.

 If not, there's GOOD NEWS:  1) You can click here to apply for excellent Non SBA Funding right now, with A1 Financial USA, even if you do not meet any of these requirements.

2) We have "SBA Business Makeovers" as a service, including

Accounting services that you may need done.

Call (909)-930-9159 for assistance. 

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