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Requirements For
A1's Business Funding

- At A1 Financial USA, requirements are few, and quite easy compared to banks and traditional brick and mortar lenders.
Please note every state has different laws governing them,
and the pandemic has made it more complex.
Our investors would generally like to see at least 3 months
of business checking statements showing at least $5k/month,
(some states it's $1,000, some $5,500)

 and a photo ID such as a Driver's License, State I.D. or.

signed US Passport.
-For funding:  a "voided out" business bank check,
and ownership % proof will be required.
Your business checking bank account needs to be positive throughout the process,
at least +$500....The more the better, it helps your offer & rate.

Sorry no personal accounts may be funded by law.

Click our Personal Loan link above for those.

-If you don't have one or all of these,
call us at (909)-930-9159.
We may be able to still help or offer alternatives.

-Because terms are not "one size fits all" but based on the merits
of each file (FICO, time in business, industry, state, etc.,
over 20 variables) terms are never known until you apply,
and send in your last 3 business checking statements,
& send in a color photo of your I.D.  
-U.S. or Canadian citizenship is preferred, but we may have ways
around that, please call us at (909)-930-9159.

We look forward to serving you!

                           Mark Ayers


Mark Ayers A1 CEO in a Circle
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