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Book A CEO!

Have you always wanted to 
"pick the brain" of a wealthy,
successful person? 

Warren Buffett in a chair
Mark Ayers CEO of A1 Financial

Famous ones charge $10,000 and up. 
Ours charges only $749/hr.

 Imagine if you just learned you could spend an hour in a room with billionaire Warren Buffet.

     What would you ask him?

Would you realize the things you learned would change your life? Would you jump at the chance, knowing this knowledge would be the key to your success?...

What would you say when you found out you could,

but the cost was $10,000/hr....That's what celebrity

Business Coaches charge, if they even offer it at all.

 Now, what if I told you that there was a person that had seven billionaires ask his opinion on financial

matters every week--and have been doing it for

many years...but maybe you never heard of him...Would you pay $10K for 30 minutes?

$5K? $1,000? Probably not.

But what about just $749, and it came with inside

information on getting funding, managing debt,

avoiding bankruptcy, securing funds at risk, the

secrets of  beating the Stock Market in a single day, and more?

This now exists: Prepare your questions,

your financial needs, anything of the Financial World,

and our CEO Mark Ayers will share his brilliant insight gained from working with his seven billionaire partners. What you learn will astound you.

Mark will also help you via email for life- a powerful,

wonderful man to have in your corner- a true friend when you're in need.

Step 1:

Choose three 30 minute windows good for you over the next 7 days in PST (e.g. 3:30 pm PST Wednesday)

Step 2: Email them here

with your phone number where you wish to be called. 

Step 3: Watch for the return email for accepted time

and then watch for your Zelle invoice.

Step 4: Pay via Zelle. If your bank does not accept Zelle, please let us know, we have other options,

but they may delay the appointment time.

Step 5: Have  your phone on, charged, and handy

at your PST appointment time.

Re-schedules cost $250 extra.

Step 6: Learn what you need to learn in the

financial world!

Step 7: Use it to become rich.

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