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Need a Fun, Successful Corporate Event?

grand opening banner in green

Boost Sales, Attendance, & Enthusiasm For Your Business With A "Chess 4 Sales" Event!

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Having an Event, but need to give it a boost?

Boost Corporate parties, Grand Openings, Sales events, CEO Birthday Parties, Employee Retirement parties, Employee Holiday parties, Employee Birthday parties, etc. 

            Here's some of the Events we offer:

#1: Chess Simul and/or Tournament for prizes:

kids chess tournament aerial view
Chess Trophies
Coach Mark Crushing an IM at chess
Chess players having fun
chess Simul for the military

#2: Music Game Party teams compete

for prizes naming artists & songs...DJ dancing "after party" available, too:

dj scratching records
Music guessing winning team
DJ with exciting lights

#3: Hot Wheels Race - Compete for prizes 

Hot Wheels Race participants
Hot Wheels life size cars

#4: Mixology/Bartending Competition

girl in a bartending competition

We can also combine and alter parties to suit your needs.

Other ideas such as reproduced TV Game Shows are available as well...(Jeopardy & Family Feud are most requested).

Call for availability in your area, pricing, all other details.

Book yours today!

Call 909-930-9159 for party help sign
Some of our past event clients:
Marriott logo
applebee's logo
denny's logo
Corky's restaurant
Arthur Treacher's Restaurant
Mustard Seed Market
sherlock's logo
Brew Garden restaurant
Panini's restaurant Brunswick
chess park lounge
Frisco's restaurant

We hope these Corporate Event ideas make your event an "Event to boost sales", whether it's with a Grand Opening entertainer of ours, or one of your own. Always remember,
we offer funding to finance these events, too...
Simply click here to apply.

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