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A1's Famous "Guaranteed" Business Funding Program

Approved loan application at A1 Loans USA

How we fund the "unfundable" 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it sounds "too good to be true."

Maybe to the uneducated, or uninformed...

Or to the "Flat Earth" types. You know the kind. Skeptics who do no investigations on their own, they just form opinions,

and stick to them, regardless of facts staring them in the face. The type of person that could be abducted by space aliens, probed in places we won't mention, dropped back on Earth two weeks later, and they still wouldn't believe.

 What can you do with those ignorant people? 

 Well, for folks that are smart enough to pay attention to facts,

here's what we offer the "unfundable" folks, according to banks:

 1) We have grown the largest group of private lenders and

investors over our 34 years, it stands at 914 right now (1-15-24).

This capability alone allows us to fund 98.7% of businesses that

meet our basic requirements of 3 to 4 (depends on state's laws) months of Business Checking Account (BCA) statements, no financial criminal history, sufficient deposit transactions (5 min/month) and deposit amounts (varies per state.) Regardless

of poor credit score, NSFs, and a list of many other bank decline triggers listed, click here to read them (Note: Once there, scroll down a bit to that section.)

2) For the 1.3% that are not funded by #1, above:

-Those with a financial criminal history, we can offer a Personal Loan if credit score is above 550.

-For other business owners with not quite 3 to 4 BCA statements, we can accept what you have, if you also have solid personal account statements totaling 3 to 4 months' worth.

-If you have insufficient deposit transactions, we'll coach you on things to do to increase them, also in the mean time, try for Personal Loans for you.  

-If you have insufficient deposit amounts, we'll coach you on things to do to increase them, also in the mean time, try for Personal Loans for you.  

    We ask 90 days to take you from #2 to #1 in our Guarantee.

 If you have received an offer from us, but need more funding,

or have an entirely different set of circumstances than what is covered here, we can fund you through our Contract Funding,

Click here to read about that option. 

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