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What is Business Contract Funding?

Business Contract Funding Handshake

     Get Business Funding Guaranteed In A Legal Contract

There are two possible different meanings for

 "Business Contract Funding". One is when you own a business, are in need of funds, and have a contract in hand showing when and how much you will be paid for doing a certain job/project.

Government contracts are gold in this arena. If this situation

sounds like yours, Apply Now and prepare your contract into a pdf, we will want it emailed in with your I.D., & BCSs...>>

(Business Checking statements.) 

The second meaning is a special program at A1, where we offer your business GUARANTEED FUNDING in a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT!...Our lawyers & A.I. Funding Database have the power to do this for you...i.e., FUND the otherwise impossible:

Is Business Contract Funding (BCF)
suitable for your business?

Are you tired of searching and searching for Business Funding, with no results? Banks decline you, even alternative lenders decline you?
            We have the ultimate solution:

Get An A1 Guaranteed Business Funding Legal Contract!

A1 Financial USA will give you a 
If you have a normally fundable file, there is NEVER any charge
to apply at A1, for $5K up to $500 million in funding.
(Anything over $15 million needs RE or large equipment collateral). 
But... what if your file is not fundable for any reason,

through all the normal channels?
         We can still help.
We have over 900 lenders and many of them are private investors. The most special ones are our 7 billionaires,

they fund on THEIR own rules, not what the normal

lending society says.

Here's an example:

 We received a major Trucking Company application

where they were depositing about $4 mill/ month every

month, but ended negatively $29,000 (to the penny oddly enough!) every single month. 
No bank would touch them, of course, and even our massive normal Alternative Lending channels could only

get them $50,000. We put this in front of one of our

billionaires, after they paid their 3% fee, and he came up with

a $500,000 was staggering... even to us.
This billionaire saw the consistency over their years and

found a way to make it happen, by his metrics.

How does this help you, and what's the process?

 We charge 3% of your ask, upfront, for access to these 7 Billionaires' money.
For example, if you want $2 million, you pay $60,000 up front, you receive a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT stating that if we don't get you your full funding in 90 days,
you receive a FULL REFUND minus the ratio
of any funding you received from us, and minus the
non refundable $349 package processing fee.

We set an appt on the phone and gather all the docs

we'll need for your file. Pure VC (Venture Capital) files

will require a Business Video shot by our Video team

at an extra charge, which may be included free out

of the 3%.

Call for details/pricing on this if you're seeking pure VC.

What's our track record on this BCF Program

(Business Contract Funding) you ask?

 Over 34 years, and countless hundreds of BCF files,
we've only had to refund one.

 The reason? The merchant had a financial criminal record,

which he disclosed to us, but it was not his fault by intent.
He wrote a check that bounced, but his bank account was
hacked and he couldn't recover in time to cover the check.

Lack of funds meant lack of legal counsel, so he ended up
being saddled with an unfair charge. Unfortunately, it was
the one thing that not even the most brave alternative lender 
will overlook. It's simply a sad situation for the merchant.
We gave him a full refund minus the $349.
He thanked us for trying, we did all we could possibly do. 
Even our lawyers couldn't fix his situation.

What can you take away from this story? 

 If you do have a financial criminal record, probably do not
waste the $349 trying. We suggest partnering with someone
who does not have a criminal record, become a minority owner.
(Under 26% to be safe), get your Annual Report showing that,
and then try. Non financial criminal records are no problem,

simply apply normally and disclose it. If you do not disclose it,

even if you are fundable, we will decline you for dishonesty.

There is no reason not to disclose it, no shame. We funded

a business owner with 13 counts of murder charges, that

were dismissed, $100,000..but couldn't fund a check bouncer.

That's the silly status of funding in the U.S.

If you do not have a financial criminal record, and have exhausted all normal means: Give A1 a try. 

What's the best that can happen?

You'll get funded all the money you need, in 90 days.

(We usually get it done in under 10 days btw. The longest ever was 25 days.) 
We have a 100% success rate if you do not have a financial criminal record.

What's the worst that can happen?

 First off, the chances of not being funded are extremely small,

with all A1's resources working for you, all our coaching,

all out "Lender Packaging" that we know will work, put in place,

with all that in motion, you're extremely likely to get funded.

But if not, for some rare, rare, reason:  

You'll spend just a lousy $349, but at least you'll know for

sure, then, that your situation mandates a huge change,

such as partnering with someone who does not have a

criminal becoming a minority owner,

(Under 26% to be safe), and creating and obtaining
that new Annual Report showing these improvements.

This knowledge is truly worth even 10x a mere $349,

as it will save your dreams for your business, and fix what

is holding you back, without any doubts. 

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