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Become An A1 Financial USA Referral Affiliate

Lady laying in money

Make Large Amounts Of Cash, All From Home,
No Exp Nec - Start Right Now...
(After you read all of this, that is:)  

 Want to make large amounts of extra cash from home?

All with no experience necessary, no fees of any kind, no training whatsoever, and you can start right now?

 We know, we know, it sounds to good to be true...BUT...

It is SO good, and it's 100% true and real...and super easy.

       Here's the full scoop:

  We just sent a check to someone for $700 because they sent us

a lead. All they did was send us a lead of a business that needed funding. We spoke with the company owner, and took his application. They were approved, and they were funded.

We sent a check to the person that referred them to us.

You talk to people every day, right?  Conversations arise about

the needs of one service or another, and often, without realizing it,

you give them the name of someone you know, or heard of,

and go about your day.

           What if you got paid every time you did that?

 That is what we do. We pay for our referrals.

When people join our Referral Partner Program, which is free,

they receive 1/2 to 2% of the funding amount that the referred business takes, depending on the loan type.

 This last person made $700 for ONE referral, of a business

borrowing a mere $35,000.

 Imagine sending us 5 referrals like this, and they all take the

same funding. All you had to do was refer them, and you just

made $3,500 for doing so. 

 This is so simple & so straightforward. Don’t miss out.

It's not a hoax-- It’s just a gesture of appreciation for you taking

the time to send people our way, period.

              Who qualifies to do this?

 Absolutely anyone who can send an email can sign up to do this. 

 Open your email server, send to:

 In the email body type: "Referral Affiliate", then add your in your full legal name (that you want checks made out to)  phone, and address where you want your checks sent.

 You simply have the business owner call in, or email us the phone # and Business Owner's name. When they take funding, and

make payment for 30 calendar days, we'll Zelle you, or send you a check, your choice. There is no limit to the times you can do this.

 We'll email you the status on each referral, when the merchant gets an offer, when they get funded, and when your commission

is being sent out. You'll receive 20% of the commission amount, which is 8-10% of the funded amount on most loans. SBAs pay us very little, so you get 1%, but the funding amounts can be in the millions. We'll ask you to fill out a W-9 before your pay is sent out. We're a Certified SBA Lender, we have to stay on the good side of the IRS!

           Who is best suited to succeed with this? 

 If you are an influencer, social media guru, Tax Preparer, Accountant, or any professional that deals with business owners, this could be a gold mine for you...and in a hurry.

         What if I'm not one of those above?

  OK, so what if you're just a regular person that wants a new career, or just wants to work from home, and likes the idea of doing this, or if you are one of the above, and want even more

pay, then read on, partner:

 If you'd like to earn up to 14% of the funding amount, (which on an A1 max $500 million funding could buy you an island...)

and do just a little more work, we offer a Franchisee Program

where you learn everything you need to learn in just 5 days training online, at your own pace. Pass the Final Exam, and you'll know 100x the ways to find clients, and earn a full time income

as a CERTIFIED LOAN OFFICER....but still, all from the comfort of your home. There is a cost for the training, but we have many ways to get around that as well...and even get some cash right away, today. 


Want more information on becoming an

"A1 Trained" Franchisee?

Watch this video first: A1's 2023 8 minute video: Click Here


Then: Learn more and how to possibly

get over a half million dollars as a company benefit:  

Watch 2024's updated 15 minute video: Click Here

You can also click on "Franchises" in the link bar above.


We look forward to working with you! 

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