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Tired Of Wasting Time On Bad Business Loans?

Two types of people could take this sentence two different ways, completely. If you're a merchant,

you could be tired of dealing with a bank's hassles,

or a private lender's low offers. You need the money you need to run your business,

right?...A1 Financial USA is the answer, with our 909 lenders ready to serve you, you'll get the BEST POSSIBLE offers, thanks to our built in system of lenders competing for your


The 2nd type of person to read this would would be a business loan officer, who gets lousy, low, or simply no offers at all, on tough files. Working with A1 Financial USA is the answer, as we fund tough files

like these:

-Up to $500 million in RE Secured Equity Loans

-Up to $15 million in unsecured business funding

-Low Volume Low Doc Funding

-Up to 18 month Business Term Loans

-Slow Month or two? No worries, Seasonal Lending is our specialty

-Need a LARGE Amount? High Volume Funding to $500,000,000

-Just 2 1/2 months in business is OK with 3 statements

sometimes 1 month, submit with last 3 personal statements

-ALL "Hard-to-Fund" and High Risk industries funded including:

Trucking-Cannabis-Auto Sales-Law Firms-Construction

-9 NSFs to $60,000 OK

-27 NSFs in 90 days OK

-Up to 70 NSFs OK with 700+ credit score, high deposit volume, for low risk industries

-9 Neg days/month OK

-Only 3 deposit transactions OK if $15k+,only 1 in some states

-Under 400 FICOs OK- We funded a "383" previously

-Over leveraged...We fund to 20 positions in some cases

-Weekly and Monthly Payments are avail to

qualified applicants

-Non-financial criminal backgrounds are funded in most cases.

-We correct "lender apparent" frauds that aren't---

and get them funded.

-MCA Debt Consolidations are available for some

-We fund up to 4x monthly deposit averages in certain cases for Expansion projects

-Credit card sales loans are available

-All BKs are OK after 3 BK payments or dismissal doc.

-IRS and State Tax Liens? Funded! at A1 Financial

-Even "Black Listed" and “Past Defaulters” are possibly funded with extra documentation

We currently have a 98.7% funding offer success rate.

We will create a personal online porthole for you

to track your deals 24/7/365.


We Look Forward to Working With You!

Best Regards,

Mark Ayers


A1 Financial USA


You won't waste time with A1 Loans

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