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The Top 10 Ways To Earn Passive Income
From Home

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Almost all "passive income" streams in reality,
need some work done:

Unless you flat out inherit or are blindly "gifted" money,

everything needs some work done, and some time to pass.

Thus the term "semi-passive income" is more accurate.

We're writing this article because many of our Personal Loan clients are struggling financially, and have reached out to us

for professional business help.

They're looking for ways to earn money on the side, passively, or close to it, so they can keep their day job, but either just

earn extra money to make ends meet,

or to work towards leaving that dreaded, hated job, one day.


Always happy to help, we put our best contacts' heads together, and made this list.

 First off, please note, true passive income streams all take initial work to create, first by learning, then by doing, and almost always paying something up front.

For example, if this list was the top "11", #11 would be to

run a vending machine business.

 Although it's 100% true you can earn money in your sleep

if the machines are at a 24 hour location, such as a factory,

it takes tons of money to "buy in", and time learning the

operation and repairs, also re-stocking, buying inventory, 

replenishing change (money), dealing with customer complaints (stuck Snicker's bar for example), and it would take travel

to the location(s) once a week or more.

Counting backwards from #10, down to our #1 Semi-Passive income stream: 

#10 Take Online Surveys: This option isn't actually hands off and does require you to give up some  of your time, but taking surveys online takes minimal effort. The top problem is,

most of them pay tiny amounts, take a long time to accrue usable money, and even then, once you did all that work,

you find out it's paid in a gift card...many times to a place you don't want.

 Top "Pro": Completely free

 Top "Con": Relatively, you only make pennies an hour.


#9 Create a Blog or YouTube Channel: While this requires a significant time investment upfront, once a blog or YT channel becomes popular, it can earn money from advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. If you have the ability to influence thousands, quickly, it can be very lucrative.

We recommend keeping this in mind, and keep reading, to better leverage those talents. 

Top "Pro": Fun to do

Top "Con": Takes waaay too long to become monetized, unless you have an army of devout followers. 


#8 Affiliate Marketing: You can promote products or services on your website or blog, and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral link. 

Websites like Amazon Associates make this process accessible for many. Clickbanks, and Commission Junction seem to be the other leaders in the A.M. field.

Top "Pro": If you get extremely lucky, and work your tail off for many months, you could make an OK living.

Top "Con": Most people that try make $0. It's just too hard picking a product that is desired, but isn't already saturated.


#7 Sell Stock Photos/Videos: If you're a photographer or videographer, you can sell your work on platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images. It could make you some money, if you're lucky, but you better be REALLY REALLY good, first of all, and "you need to wait months to see any results" is the feedback we hear time and again...and then it's not enough money to buy dinner.

Top "Pro": If you love photography, at least it meshes with your passion.

Top "Con":  Most people that try make $0. It's just too hard being noticed, and more people are "photographers" nowadays, with their phones, than ever before in history.


#6 Create Online Courses: If you have expertise in a certain area, consider creating and selling online courses. 

Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Coursera can be utilized.

Top "Pro": If you can teach a desired "niche", and have followers, it could be profitable.

Top "Con": YouTube. Most everything "general" in the world in the world can be learned on YouTube, for free.

Maybe you can't find "How to change fuel injectors on a 2006 KIA Sorento" but what would be the market for

that anyways?  


#5 Own Dividend Stocks: Some stocks pay dividends, which can provide a regular income stream. 

By carefully selecting and investing in dividend-paying stocks, you can receive regular dividend checks.

Top "Pro": It's what earns the ultra rich like Warren Buffet even more money.

Top "Con": It takes gobs of cash to buy stocks that pay enough in dividends to be worth it. It's extremely rare,

but it can be done...The even bigger problem is, once the dividend "Record date" passes, the stock plummets

below what the dividend would pay, sometimes keeps on a very risky one, unless you are either a quick seller,

or are willing to hold long enough for a recovery. 


#4 Peer-to-Peer Lending: Platforms like LendingClub or Prosper allow you to lend money to individuals in exchange 

for interest payments. While there's risk involved, diversifying your investments can offer stable returns.

Top "Pro": You could make a significant return if all goes well.

Top "Con": You could lose everything if all does not go well...the default rate on borrowing is high right now, and likely

will be for 2-3 years more.


#3 Write a Book or eBook: If you've got expertise or a story

to tell, consider writing a book. Once it's written and published,

 you can earn royalties for many years.

Top "Pro": You could make a significant return if all goes well.
If you are an amazing writer, and can promote it successfully,

you could make quite a lot.

Top "Con": Like many thousands of writers, your book could sell a copy to your Mom, and 3 best friends, and that's it.

There's lots of books out there for readers to choose, and they usually go for a known author's latest....only. 


#2 Real Estate (RE) Rentals: Investing in real estate properties and renting them out can generate a steady stream of income. 

This includes both residential and commercial properties. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are also an option for those

 who don't want the hassle of owning physical properties.

Top "Pros": If you catch it at the exactly right time, like a stock, you could do very, very well in appreciation of the property.

If you can fill with hassle free tenants, even better.

Those 2 are key....and not exactly easy to acquire.

Top "Cons": You have to acquire the property, fix it up, find renters, then pray the market doesn't flop (like it always does from time to time) and that the renters don't destroy the place (which many do). You also need to be good with billing and accounting, and deal with evictions...We've seen #2 make people rich, but equally make them dirt poor, even bankrupt. 


The secret to choosing a course of action,--in anything in life, really- is to ask yourself this:

 "What's the BEST that can happen?" vs.

"What's the worst that happen?"

In RE investing, it swings far-- both ways, and in cycles. Timing and luck, and performing due diligence, are all critical factors.


#1 An A1 Financial USA online Loan Franchise

 If you enjoy the financial world now, or can wrap your head around making it a part of your life, an A1 online loan franchise can be an exciting, and very lucrative endeavor.

Unlike RE investing, there is no large risk. Unlike #10 through

#4, you run no risk of working for pennies.

 In fact, you can earn in one day the same amount that you would from buying a house that appreciated over 10 years.

Umm, did you catch that? IN ONE DAY.

Over 10 years, a house in a nice area may appreciate $100,000.

You can earn that with one large business loan, about $1m.

 Let's give you all the facts:

 Running an A1 online loan franchise can offer several advantages, but it's always important to note that success depends on various factors, so we asked A.I.

 Here's what A.I. says about the A1 business model:


Low Overhead Costs: An A1 Online loan franchise has lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Operating online can reduce expenses related to physical space, utilities, and staffing.


Wider Market Reach: The A1 online platform allows you to reach a broader audience beyond your local area...(the entire U.S. in fact.)

 This can result in increased customer acquisition and a more extensive customer base.


Convenience for Customers: Online loan services provide convenience for customers who can apply for loans from the comfort of their homes. This ease of access can attract more borrowers, especially those who prefer digital transactions.


Highest Efficiency: Online loan platforms can leverage technology for automation, streamlining various processes such as application processing, credit checks, and document verification. This can lead to increased efficiency and faster response times.


24/7 Accessibility: Unlike traditional banks or lending institutions with fixed operating hours, online loan services

 can provide 24/7 accessibility. 

This can be appealing to customers who may need financial assistance outside regular business hours.


Scalability: Online loan franchises have the potential for scalability without the constraints of physical locations. 

As the business grows, it can expand its operations and serve

a larger customer base without the need for extensive infrastructure.


Diversification of Loan Products: The A1 Financial platform's diversified loan products cater to various customer needs. 

This flexibility allows for the offering of hundreds of types of loans. 


 ---To this perfectly accurate list, we'll add items A.I. doesn't yet know how to calculate:


-Commissions are uncapped: Unlike many "jobs" there is no cap on commissions, so the harder and smarter you work,

the more you can make. If you already have a large following of business clients already, your success can literally be overnight.


-Quickest transformation of any other side gig to full time: Except for the possible exception of inheriting RE that's free and clear, more folks have quit their day jobs than any of the above on the list. Once they see their first commission check, and how easy it was compared to their "day job", they say "goodbye" to that mean boss.


-Amount you can make:  A1 offers funding from $5K up to $500 million, and commission rates from 1% of the funded amount up to 14%. If you're good at math, you can easily see the possibilities. If you're not it's OK. We'll make it easy.

The average Business Loan is $45,000.

The average commission is 8%. On average you can make $3,600 from each loan deal you submit. 


-Access to major loans not available to them normally. Once you become an A1 Franchisee, you gain access to Personal Loans up to $625,000. A1 wants the worry of paying bills be a thing of the past, so you can laser focus on your new career.


-Altruistic folks will glow in the light of helping U.S. small businesses thrive, and survive. When your help takes a company depositing $15K a month to $175K a month, and hiring extra staff, all the while you made killer commission

on it, you get a special, special feeling that warms the soul. 


-You set your schedule 100%. Work when you want. Need to take the kids to school? No problem. Want to "play hooky"

and have a fun day off, all to yourself? No worries. You are the boss. A1 is only here to help guide you to success,

not tell you how to live your life.


-Never be fired nor laid off again. That can be said for most on this list, except YouTube is now "terminating" many accounts

for reasons they only vaguely state. At A1 you have a position

of making money for life.


-You will not be discriminated against for any reason, including criminal record. A1 is the epitome of EOE. A1 not only has great folks of all ages, colors, and religions under their umbrella, but also those with physical handicaps...but also those who made "life mistakes" in the past, and can't find quality work because of it. A1 doesn't care about your past, they care about your future.


 Since the purpose of this posting is to tell both sides of the story, and not sound like a plug, let's break down both sides

of the online A1 Loan Franchise:


Pros: Everything stated above, and more. Passive income comes after you close a loan deal, and the client renews.

You simply receive an email that you've been paid that

monster commission amount, again, for doing nothing.

It happens over and over, truly passive income, but also

HIGH AMOUNT passive income.


Cons:  You must either pay the Franchise fee, or use the

$0 Down Program. The amount starts at $7,999 which is the price posted on A1's website, the Franchise page...but there

are discount codes hidden on the website, in A1's YT videos, and in advertisements...look around a bit before paying

$7,999, if you have the time.

 Once you pay, there is training. You have to learn what you need to learn to perform this position successfully.

If you hate learning, this is not for you. There are 5 "days" of online training, both reading, and watching videos.

Website training is also a part of it. You can, however, take the training at your own pace. There is no time limit to finish it.

There is a Final Exam of 80 questions, and you must score at least 80% to pass. If needed, you can retake the Final free of charge, every 24 hours. Just your incorrect answers will be retested.

Final thoughts on the #1 Passive Income stream:

 In comparing the top 10 plans, certainly some will appeal to some folks more, others will not. Individual ideas and wants aside, and

just keeping to the "risk vs reward" theme, A1 Financial USA's program is the closest thing to perfection in the passive income discussion, by a mile.

Click here to read more, anyone can get started right now. 

This list was compiled from many sources, final order and analysis was authored by writers David King and Suzanne Schafer.

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