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Learn about the Magic of A1 Financial USA

Magic HAT at A1 Financial

The story of "How 33 years of growing relationships
with 900+ lenders, banks, the U.S. Government,
and 7 billionaires allow A1 Financial USA to fund
almost any U.S. business."

 At A1, we fund 98.7% of Businesses banks decline. That's because

our mission started out 33 years ago to build relationships

with the nation's then top 73 lenders. That became a reality,

then grew into relationships with Banks, The SBA, Equity Investors, over 900 Business & RE Lenders, and then 7 Billionaires.

It's not good to hate, but there are exceptions.

We HATE declining anyone funding. It makes us sick.

We have done everything humanly possible to at least make an

offer to everyone that applies. Of course, sometimes the rates

are high, like the Salon owner with a 386 FICO score. No one

else on Earth would even make her an offer, -at any rate-

but we got her $13K....she was extremely grateful and wrote

happy reviews about us all over!

So, what do all these lender relationships mean for you?

                                  Here's examples:


 If you own a U.S. business, and have sufficient revenue 

for the last 3 to 4 months deposited to a Business Checking Account, we can most likely fund you. No upfront fees at all. 

 Our funding range is from $5K up to $500 million. (over $15m

needs RE/large equipment collateral.)

Challenges that are OK at A1 are:

Low Credit Score:

-Under 400 FICOs OK- We funded a "386" previously, as we wrote


-"Hard-to-Fund", "Restricted" and High Risk industries

are ALL funded -- including Trucking-Cannabis-Auto Sales-Law Firms.

Banking Issues:

-9 NSFs to $60,000 OK

-27 NSFs in 90 days OK

-9 Neg days/month OK

-Negative Ending Balance? We have a special "Fix It" Program

to fund you a little in 1 hour, and a lot after 30 days.

Call (909)-930-9159 for eligibility details. 

Short time in business, or short time owning a 

Business Checking Account?:

-Only 1 month of Business Checking statements?

Add 3 last months of Personal and get funded now, why wait 4 months like all other lenders require?



-Over leveraged?...We fund to 20 positions if room

-Consolidations are possible, even extra cash out in some cases

-Weekly Payments are avail to qualified applicants


Negative Past:


-Non-financial criminal backgrounds are funded in most cases.

-We correct "lender apparent" frauds & "Incompatibles" that aren't--- and get them funded.

-All BKs are OK 1 day after discharge/dismissal

-IRS and State Tax Liens? Funded! at A1 Financial 

-Late Child Support? We have a special "Fix It" Program to fund you in 24 hours

-Even "Nationally Black Listed" and “Past Defaulters” are possibly funded


Must have a tiny rate, and 30 year term,

but can't wait the normal 4 months for the SBA to fund you?


-A1 is SBA Certified and has incredible Government contacts!

 We can directly access funds from the SBA for you,

with funding in just 15 days. Why does it take 4 months normally?

Simple. Poor accounting and/or poor submission execution by the Business Owner. 

If our Accounting experts can fix your issues in 30 minutes, so you fund in 15 days, it's 100% free to apply. Otherwise, it's just a flat $350 fee, and our Accounting Experts will fix the tough issues holding you back, and you'll be on the road to large fast

cash under 4% or under 9%, depending on credit rating,

in just 15 days. Call (909)-930-9159 for eligibility details.


Recently Funded?


-At A1 we can fund you in 3-7 business days from prior funding,

if room. Why wait the normal 45 days that other lenders require? 




-Up To 18 month terms are available for qualified applicants

-We fund up to 4x monthly deposit averages in certain cases

for Expansion projects

-Credit card sales loans are available

-Equipment Financing is available & easy to get

-We can offer our In House Financing so you sell more

-Business & Sales Coaching: We can fix any business with almost any challenge

-Business Video: Today's "Secret Highway" to quickly finding and locking in equity.


Call (909)-930-9159 for details on any of the above. 


All of the above are offered with no upfront fee whatsoever, if you are able to apply, and email in a few documents.


Otherwise impossible anywhere else,  "True A1 Funding Magic"

is made with the "A1 Magic Loan Programs":

 If you have an issue not shown in the above section preventing you from being funded, such as being "Pre-Revenue", Extremely Over Leveraged, a Puerto Rico or Canada business,

or need over a million dollars on a consolidation loan,

we charge only 3% of your ask to fix your problem in

90 days or less. Call (909)-930-9159 and ask for our 

"90 Day Fix It" Program, we accept Zelle. 

-- Want to buy an operating Rental Property with no income of your own?

We have an amazing purchasing program for you, only 1/2% of the property cost upfront.


--Want an Angel Investor to invest $100,000 or more in your company?...

but have had nothing but declines, frustration, and failure?...

At A1 we know why...and we know how to fix it in 7 days, and get you funded in under 90 days. Call (909)-930-9159 for eligibility and fee details. We accept Zelle.


-Want up to $625,000 in Start Up Funding?

You know it seems impossible in this economy, to be funded pre-revenue, but it's truly all in whom you know, and how you present to them.

 At A1, we know all the biggest players!...Our 914 Lenders, including 7 Billionaires, can help you quickly, if you meet basic qualifications, and submit a full doc package.

Special Accounting is the secret key to Start Up Funding, with us it's just flat $349 fee to access all that cash!


-Want a Line Of Credit (LOC) where you pay no payments until

you use the money?

Impossible to find outside of a bank, and their criteria and fees are horrifying.

Just a 3% upfront fee of the ask at A1. We accept Zelle.


Even More Magic:


Ask about our "$0 Down 90 Day Fix It Program" where we can likely even finance your "A1 Magic" fee with no money out of pocket at all.

Call (909)-930-9159 for details, ask for information

about "Code Zero Down 90". 


-Want to be a part of the A1 Magic, and earn large, unlimited commissions all from the comfort of your home


 Call (909)-930-9159 for details.

Ask for information about "A1 Franchising."

Watch our Franchise video, click here.


We offer $0 Down financing so anyone can be in business

for themselves in as little as 5 days.

Our Franchisees' earning range is from $134K to $871K/yr,

all part time from home.

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