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A1 Financial USA Franchisee Reviews

Toisha, a nice lady

Toisha B.

Started 11-6-2023

"I just HAVE to tell you all what happened. It started when my friend Tenesha became a franchisee with A1 Financial. She was happy working at Walmart,

but was now 7 months pregnant, having another baby, and could only work from home. Her job at Walmart was too much physical labor for her. She made $8,000 her first week with A1, and told me about it, I wanted to do it too. I was tired of serving food at "Brand D" Restaurant as we call it.

So I contacted John Parks, her Trainer. He got me some financing so I didn't have to spend any money.

I took the training, got through it, only Day 5 was hard, but I finally "got it", and took the Final Exam.

 I was a little anxious, but pleased that I passed the first time.

 After only 2 days doing what the training told me

to do, I came upon a chain of Beauty Supply stores.

I told the owner what I could do for her, and ended up getting her business $230,000 in funding and made $23,000 in commissions. On just my second day...OMG. More than I made in 5 months at my old job and I did it from my COUCH. I never looked back. Thank You John, and Mark, and Stephanie, you all are great people, I LOVE my new Job!"

-"Thank you Toisha, we're so glad to have you on our team. Keep up the great work!" -John

Lauren M, an A1 Franchisee

Lauren M B.



"I've been with A1 now for over 4 years." It was

amazing how many folks we helped during Covid

get funding, it warmed my heart. I've completely replaced my income as a CPA, and then some.

I only work about 20 hours a week, so I have plenty of time for my husband and 2 daughters."

A true American Dream.

-"Thank you Lauren, we're proud to have you!

You still hold the record for the highest Final Exam

score, 97%...You're a natural!    -Mark

Person icon in pink

Yvonne W.



 "I didn't want to add my picture because I am a teacher, and our school just fired 2 teachers for posting about moonlighting.
Nevertheless, my "side gig' with A1 is a Godsend for my son and me.
Since his father left, I have had to work my tail off at school, and tutor on the side, and even together, they just don't pay what I need to survive. At A1, I earn TWICE what I make as a teacher for about 1/5th of the hours.

(Yes, you guessed it, I'm a math
If you need a great side gig, or even a full-time online career, A1 is the only one I've found to be real. (I've tried ClickBank, LifePoint and others,

all are just a waste of time.) 
Take it from a single Mom, offering loans

through A1 is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED side gig, if not more, and the only one that really pays."

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