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Fix Brain Fog With This Amazing Art 

chess game between two men

Think quicker, make better decisions

Has life put you in a funk? 

Are you feeling lazy, mentally stagnant, listless?

Have you lost your confidence, lost your vigor?

Do you feel like your life is not all it can be?...all it should be?

 We have the answer...and believe it like you believe the sun 

is going to rise tomorrow--it's chess.


Chess is the greatest game, --and the greatest art --

that ever was.

There is a saying: "Chess, like music, like women, has the power to make men happy."

It makes women happy, too...

Just watch Ana Taylor Joy in Queen's Gambit.

Queens Gambit logo

The art of chess has untold billions of examples, stunning, heart stirring games, and more possible games than all the atoms in the universe...


If you're a sports fan, you may know what the incredible feeling of winning a playoff game, or even a Championship feels like.

 Imagine having that feeling every day, and manifested by yourself, because of yourself...there's nothing else like it on Earth.


Children that grow up playing chess succeed in life, earn more money, and keep out of trouble.

Having chess in their life naturally and organically removes the desire for drugs, and being in a gang.

It trains a young mind in making the right decisions--all the time.  

 Take, for example, A1 Financial USA's CEO Mark Ayers. He played from 6 1/2 years old, won his Grade School Championship, and High School Championship.

He went on into business, becoming a successful CEO of a powerhouse Business Funding company, but circled back to chess, winning numerous tournaments nationwide. He also taught thousands of students and was even featured in the

L.A. Times doing so.





Many of his students went on to become masters, and succeed

greatly in life. Chess breeds the desire to read and important, and so "missing" from today's social media society...yet social media can be a tool for fostering chess,

this makes it so appealing to today's youth. Chess is no longer "nerdy"...chess is the "ultimate cool"--

the ultimate gamer's game...and it can be played on a computer, a phone, or over the board.


 The one thing that Russia has right, that the U.S. should learn, is that chess should be mandated in schools. In 2016, the Minister of Education and Science in Russia announced that chess had become a required subject in Russian schools.

Since it has been a popular part of their culture, they had more time to study it's effects, and have seen the amazing results...Better grades, a desire to learn, a desire to study.

a powerful desire to succeed.


Success in chess breads success in life, and success in business. A healthy mind is the key to everything good in life, and chess is the ultimate "mental gym".


Chess is the gift that keeps on giving, an art for a lifetime. It is the ultimate equalizer. 

Anyone and everyone, from any background, can learn to play, and succeed...just watch the movie "The Queen of Katwe".




 It's the story of a girl from Africa, with literally nothing, who went on to become a national chess heroine.

You don't need money to play chess, just a chess board and pieces, be they physical, or digital. 

 Watch how our CEO, a U.S. Chess Coach beat the famous former World Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway.

Lesson information included...Click here to watch.

L.A. Times photo of Coach Mark At Tustin Memorial
queen of Katwe
Magnus Carlsen vs Coach Mark YT banner
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