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How/Where Can I Get The Lowest Rate On A Business Loan?

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This is the question many business owners ask us.

The brutal truth is, you have to earn it...

period, like it or not, no lender will just

hand you a low rate because they like you.

MANY things go in to "earning" a low rate.

The SBA offer the lowest rates around,

it fluctuates, but runs under 10% almost always. The issue is if you do it yourself,

you'll wait 3-4 months, then likely get declined. You need a professional skilled in dealing with the SBA like A1 Financial USA. That 33 Years of experience will get you that low rate, and get you funded in 7 to 12 days, or, if declined (like most are at the SBA), A1 will get you the absolute "next best thing" which depending on your file, may be 19%, or 194%, or somewhere in between. 45.7% is the national average on SBA declined fundings.

A1 Financial USA offers a FREE evaluation,

and "quick view" of 909 lenders by email,

the top 3 offers will check your credit,

and for a minimal inquiry footprint, you will have the HUMANLY BEST POSSIBLE offer in the U.S.

Business owners can click here to apply.

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