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"How Much Could My Business Get Funded, If I Really Tried?"

Stack of cash

Every business owner should wonder this

at sometime or another, because it's

important to know, in case of a down turn,

an equipment failure, taxes, short on payroll

and of course, possible expansion.

You need to know that "number" so you can

plan and be ready for life...Thing is...

That number changes every month.

Lenders need to know your trends, just like

you watch your income....Problem for business owners is, they don't know

what lenders look for, both good and bad.

It's a much too large of an answer to post, read, or understand for most folks.

A1 Financial USA offers real answers to

this question using our 33 years of experience, 909 lenders and investors.

Some businesses will be eligible for 5x their

monthly deposit average...

some less than 50%.

Get your FREE, No Obligation Business "Fundability" Study. See how much funding you could be offered, $10,000? $100,000? A Million? More?

Just 2 Steps:

Step 1: Apply at

Step 2: Gather your last 3 months of business

checking statements in pdf and upload to the left of the application (Dropbox)...then please take a full framed, well lit, and "in focus" photo of your Driver's License or State I.D. or U.S. Passport and text to us at 909-489-0564...or upload with your statements.

Then watch your email,

we'll give you your results and offers.

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