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How Can My Business Borrow a LARGE Amount Of Money?

We get many applications where a small volume business wants to borrow 20 times their monthly deposit average (MDA).

We understand, some folks don't understand how the financing world works. It's OK...

That's what blogs are for, right?

The general rule of thumb is:

Lenders lend between 50-100% of your

monthly deposit average...That can change

up or down, based on other factors.

A1 has funded as high as 550% of the MDA,

and as low as 8%...and that was a company depositing $4.5 million/ month...but they had

massive issues, $300K in bounced checks,

and ended each month about $40K negatively.

So you never know until you apply and get our free no obligation consultation.

Business owners apply at

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