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A MUST Read: Top 10 Myths About Business Funding

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Who knows how they all started. These silly,

incorrect "top 10 myths" about business funding. The likely culprits are large credit card companies and banks that want to keep folks under their thumbs forever. Possibly also, misleading posts by uneducated beginners in the field contributed to these widely thought myths and fallacies. Sit back, relax and read the truth exposed by a 33 year pro, A1 Financial USA's own CEO Mark Ayers, who will back up each and every one of these, with a story of a real life example:

1) "Your Credit Score is the "be all and end all"

of the decision in business funding" :


The truth is, your credit score is only about 5-10% of the determining factor.


A1 Financial USA funded a merchant with a 383 (lowest humanly possible is 350) credit score $22,000. Most banks won't help you if you're under 680.

2) "Once you file bankruptcy you'll NEVER get funded again, or at best, not for 10 years".


The truth is, with business funding, it's a whole different animal. While all banks will decline you, there are those business lenders that will fund you.


A1 Financial USA funded a merchant $10,000 just 1 week out of bankruptcy.

3) "Once you default on business funding you'll NEVER get funded again...period." FALSE.

The truth is, most business lenders will decline you, but there are those high risk "default" business lenders that will fund you.


A1 Financial USA has funded numerous previous defaulters.

4) "The more accounts I have the better"


You "water down" the "strength" of your borrowing ability by using more than one account.

Proof : Every day we tell our clients this, it's

"common knowledge" in the lending world.

5) "It's better to work with a direct lender than a broker".


Imagine you were told it was better to always

shop at only one store...never anywhere else.

Horrible right? You'd be limited to that one store's prices and products.


A1 Financial USA does the shopping for you,

with our 33 years of experience, we've accumulated 900+ lenders including 7 private billionaire investors. When you submit to us,

these folks receive an email with your stats.

Without running your credit,

you get the benefit of 900+ lenders seeing your file and "bidding" on it, so you get the best offer possible, with only 3 "soft" pulls the top 3 take,

so no impact at all to your credit score, until you

take funding...which is universal in all fundings, and credit card acceptances.

6) "I bounced some checks last month, I can't get funding" .



A1 funded a business $13,000 that bounced 11 checks totaling $60,000 the month before!

7) "I must have 3 months of business checking

statements BARE MINIMUM."


Answer & Proof

While you must have an official "Business Checking" account with statements,

we have one lender that will accept one

Business and two Personal, e.g. You opened

your business checking in March, had Personal in Jan & Feb...

8) "I can't get money out of my property because I defaulted, or have bad credit,

or have a tax lien, or have a bad background".


Answer & Proof

While you must have a property valued over $100K with at least $100K in equity, none of the other things matter at A1 Financial USA!

9) "I'm so deep in business debt I have to file bankruptcy".


Answer & Proof:

A1 Financial USA has a unique debt program where you can enjoy 40- 50% payments.

You can not be turned down if your business debt is over $20,000.

10) "I HAVE to be Incorporated to get business funding"...

FALSE & Proof:

Probably the widest held fallacy out there, we hear this every day...

AGAIN: That's what banks want you to think. We've funded hundreds of Sole Proprietors! More evidence

of banks creating these top 10 myths.

Like what you've read?

Ready to get that money your business needs?

Simply click the "Home" icon, and apply.

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