Ever Wondered Why You Were Declined For A Loan? Here's Why & How To Fix It

Ever Wondered Why You Were Declined For A Loan or Credit Card?

Yes...We all have. It gets depressing. But it

shouldn't be. Simply take on the challenge

like you would anything else in life.

It's certainly not that hard to have a great credit file, if you do the right things, avoid the wrong things, and know the "tricks" of the trade.

The 3 best tricks of all?

1.) Pay down debt. Like Michael Jordan says,

JUST DO IT...Find a way if you can. If you can't,

but own a business A1 Loans USA has a secret

way, but you have to call to find out what that is: (909)-930-9159.

2.) Keep at 30% credit usage. That's the sweet spot between over-usage and too thin a credit

file...10% was the old norm, but now too mild for lenders to take notice.

3.) This may sound trite, but hire a professional broker like A1 Financial USA & A1 Loans USA to find you funding. "Hiring" doesn't mean paying outright,

it means just sticking with one really knowledgeable professional and letting him or her help you get funding...and please -- listen and follow what they tell you. THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

We're not out to "get" you -- nor make your life hard. We're out to help you get great funding that's right for you, a loan that will help your business and your credit file and your borrowing reputation...so you come back again and again to us for funding, so we become your second "wallet" or "purse"...period.

Oh, and by the way (btw for you texters out there) Please send in your paperwork.


sending them in.

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