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SHOCKING UPDATE: How SBFM, The Nasdaq's Most (Grossly) Undervalued Stock Directly Correlates To HOLO -
Right Before Its 7,533% 8 Day Run Up

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The SBFM Stock Market Insane RUN
Has Begun. The First Baby Step Was
              Taken Friday:

Defenseworld just released this report: 

SBFM DefenseWorld report

Certainly good news to see a 109% volume increase, but here's the MUCH BIGGER news: SBFM has now been on the REG SHO list for 22 days. The REG SHO is a list of securities whose transactions failed to clear for five consecutive settlement days at a registered clearing agency. Threshold lists are published in accordance with regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The last time that happened, what happened you ask? HOLO (MicroCloud Hologram Inc) ran from $1.50 to $113 over just an 8 day trading period.

                  Are SBFM & HOLO related?

 Statistically, in many ways almost identical. Low debt. Low float. Extremely bright futures. Highly shorted and wrongfully attacked by short sellers. Quite undervalued, the prospective evaluations (approx $300 million each) dwarf their respective market caps. Both are ambitious:

- SBFM acquired Nora Pharma, an income juggernaut.

- HOLO is planning to join the prestigious CIA (no, not that one, the Communications Industry Association).

 Both stocks have loyal followings, show good volume daily, and both are 2nd tier meme stocks, too, which have made a clear comeback this week. Both are discussed in the media circles daily. 

HOLO was recently upgraded to a $158/sh price target, our

#2 most undervalued stock. It has HUGE, HUGE earning potential in the future with its partnership with BYD, China's

leading car manufacturer, equivalent to Tesla (TSLA). 

BREAKING NEWS: We just read that FINRA is mandating that

all industry naked short positions be covered by Friday mAY 24th, else be reported to the DOJ!

One HUGE Difference: SBFM makes money RIGHT NOW. Lots of it. Growing 30% every quarter.

For detailed data: See our other SBFM page (click here)

or watch our CEO's new YT video (click here)

SBFM is now a US (Colorado incorporated, NY HQ) company, moving HQ from Canada. HOLO is in Shenzhen, China. The float of SBFM is about HALF of HOLO, too.

Think about that a moment: $140/share over the next

8 trading days is the math on that.

History is set to repeat itself, like it often does.

Finviz just released the HIGH Short data:

sbfm dark pool short data

Those in the know will understand how a 29.95% short float of a 953K stock, 22 days on the REG SHO list can absolutely EXPLODE...and not just a little, but like THIS:

NUKE gif

Why? Margin Calls. Brokerages will very soon find themselves scrambling to find shares to buy --many, many shares to cover, that's when prices go through the roof, if shareholders HODL-

meaning HOLD ON for DEAR LIFE!

On Sunday, May 19th, MarketBeat Chimed In and Posted a $260 Price Target

SBFM $260 Target chart

 Although A1 predicts a $304 exact price target, we were certainly pleased to see MarketBeat's $260 target posted.

This matches the target set by

Aegis stands firm on their $300 pt statement. 

Last Sunday, Yahoo Finance had set a $300 target, but mysteriously reduced it to $15 on Monday. They usually copy Marketwatch, whom we previously stated has no time for deep analysis due to their limited manpower. Even so, That's still a 1,612% increase prediction from SBFM's closing price on Friday.

6 financial firms now stand side by side touting the bright,

bright future of Sunshine Biopharma.

We hope this helps SBFM investors rest easy...The word is "PAYtience". The actions are "BUY" and "HOLD for the GOLD"...

if your due diligence says so. It says so to us...IN LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS. Luckily it just set an all time high, so "astronomical things" are now happening, just look at this week's heroes: FFIE (4,000%), CRKN (1,100%) GME (490%),

AMC (320%), PEGY (380%), and quite a few others this week.

JAGX has been rising tremendously on expansion plans, but

fell 50% after hours upon announcing an RS (Reverse Split)

for Thursday, May 23rd. It could easily rebound this coming

week, as the float will reduce to just 3,270,000 shares.


 Remember, only high debt and no income bring down good companies, SBFM has very very little debt and greatly

increasing income. 30% gains each Quarter on average.

Even the most stingy Bears must admit those facts!

​- John Parks VP, A1 Financial USA

Stock Master Analyst behind all A1's past "miracle" predictions. 


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